Bill Clinton: "The Dominican Republic is well on its way to a full recovery."

"I have never been here before, so I am very excited about being at this course. I have played a couple of other courses in other places. It is beautiful, and I think the Dominican Republic is well on its way to full recovery from the little hiccup we had over the tourism. This is a great place – and everybody should come here and see it."

"It is a wonderful place for golfing – there are different kinds of courses. Most people that have never been here have no idea how much diversity there is in the geography of the place. And there are also lots of wonderful companies that have invested here and built some magnificent golf courses, so if you like golfing; it is a great place to be.

But if you would just like to go to a beautiful place for other reasons, its a great place to be." [Question: Do you feel safe in the Dominican Republic?]

"Oh gosh, yes – always. Always – because I think the country is well run and the people involved in the tourism industry do a good job. I am never worried about it. I came pretty early after the first controversy started, and I was confident, once the medical tests were done they would justify the ranking. There are 58 countries in the world which are less safe for American tourists than the Dominican Republic – and that is what the tests show, so people should come here and have a good time."

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