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The Lot
You need to make sure that the size of the Lot is large enough to allow the Villa to be built spacious and comfortable and to have enough space for the construction of a pool, and to give you a reasonable distance to neighbors to guarantee your privacy. Any person, Dominican or foreigner can legally own Property in the Dominican Republic . We will be glad to assist you to locate the right Lot for your project or your dream Villa.

Building Costs
Building costs varay between 650 US per sqm to 950 US per sqm, depending on the construction quality, materials used, and the location of the Lot.

Together with our English speaking Architect you will plan your dream project or villa based on your imagination and individual ideas, or you can choose from one of our many already finished building plans.

Payments are structured based on payment steps; pay as you see the results, to make sure your money is safe and you really receive what you pay for.

Construction Supervision
We have foreign supervisors (German and American) supervising the entire construction process based on German construction quality. Even if you are out of the Country during the construction period of your property, we will keep you up to date with independent reports and pictures of the progress.

We will take care of obtaining all legal permits etc. necessary to start the construction. These costs are included in the total construction cost.

Construction Time
The construction time varies between 5 to 8 months, delays may happen because of too much rain, in the Dominican Republic it is possible to rain for one month, which forces constructions to hold. This time frame includes the construction of the Pool and Landscaping. Contractual compliance with penalty clauses is available.

Garden / Landscaping
We have experienced landscaping artists working for us; they will suggest which plants will fit the best in to your garden to make it cool and comfortable. We also build natural stone walls, brickwork, hibiscus hedges or whatever you want us to build for you, you name it.

You can individually design your pool, with no limits set from an infinity pool to a Jacuzzi with waterfall.

Furniture and Appliances
There is a lot of great furniture built in the Dominican Republic, from bamboo, rattan, wicker to teak and mahogany furniture. It is also possible to find designer furniture from Europe and the USA . All internationally known appliance products are available, just as we are used to from home.

Payment schedule
-35% of construction price sign construction contract by this payment we will start the construction.
-30% construction if the roof is poured.
-30% third payment if the walls are poured, electric and plumings are basically done by the start of installation of the tiles.

Final 5 % upon receipt of your key to your new front door.

Example Houses- Build to Order: Category - Build with us

Land to Build: You would first need to find your land where you want to construct, and then lease with us for it to be built to your requirements.We can help you with viewing various lots we have for sale: Category - Building Lots